Saturday, March 31, 2012



Is it or was it really good
The day they nailed Him to the wood
Crowned his head with a ring of thorns
Cheered the deed and sang songs

No resistance or plea for aid
By this man of peace was made
He suffered died for our sake
Showed us all the path to take

Knowing this was done with Love
To bring us to the Lord above
I’d say that Friday was more than good
The day He gave his life upon the wood


 Poems of LENT

Need?   Want?  Desire?   Craving?

Are these  stages of Greed?
Since day one we all have a natural need
For the basics of life which must be met
Then come things we would want to get

Normal reaction to the goodness of life
Posessions Positions to gain without strife
To be inspired by another’s success
Can be a plan for those with much less

Desire and craving are not just a dream
They can be part of life’s scheme
The path  is there for all to travel
Setbacks puzzles to unravel

The key to life’s quest
Is work. WORK and do your best
Envy is jealousy at its worst
Your hopes and dreams it will burst

Next step down is Greed
From which you can’t be Freed

Somewhere it is writ and I believe I did read.
That this world wouldn't function if it wasn't for greed.

All men of peace; And this is a fact,
Have been feared by the mighty and put to the rack.
Whether to be stoned by a mob or nailed to a tree.
The mighty allow this. How can this be?

When a man of peace is considered a threat.
The final solution is to put him to death.
Then; deny that it happened and try to forget.

It may be they fear, for men to be freed.
For this would limit their unsatisfied greed

Monday, March 19, 2012


Did or does Bernie own the Mets?? or ?? Do the Mets Own Bernie??
Baseball aint what it use to be or is it?? Say What MET FANs??
Free Bernie
Bernie Madoff:  made off with the farm
Feels he hasn’t done anyone harm
He wants his family to keep and enjoy
The fruits of their dishonest ploy
The entire crime has yet to be seen
Many Holier Then Thous
will be found in the scheme
Should we ask the kids to give of their cents
To help these devils void of conscience
Bernie may have to live in a cell
Where people in boxes would love to dwell
But sooner then later he’ll suffer in hell
Lucifer Beware
Bad folks are coming your way
If we free Bernie who will be next
??? O J ???
Ed Broderick