Friday, July 1, 2011


Today I was with a friend who received the sad news of the loss of a close relative. Thou it was not unexpected it was a shock and very very sad. Words do not come easy at times such as this and just your precence is comforting to the person who has suffered a loss. Later this afternoon I sat and penned this poem hoping to extend some bit of comfort to my friend.
Such a small word means so much
Can change your world with just a touch
Everyone feels its pain in their own way
Many fall to their knees and pray
Some with sobs and wails of grief
Others with silence and memories deep
The youngest child to the eldest kin
Together their healing can begin
Now is the time for a big family hug
Petty old hurts sweep under the rug
Life is too short to carry a grudge
No one here qualifies to be a judge
Recall the good times from the past
There are many and will always last
 Loss is a small word means so much
LOVE also small means so much
Ed Broderick

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  1. The words come so easy to you. Loss is so difficult. This poem means a lot to me because a dear friend just loss a close family member as well. You are so correct when you say that we all feel this pain differently. That is so true...