Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Guys

With the glow of Father'sDay still in my heart I went back and checked a few oldies. I have truly been blessed

1st Little Girl

My 1st little girl had a party today
To celebrate her birthday
Although its been many a year
I still remember it crystal clear
Such a beautiful gift I couldn’t believe
I’d ever deserve or live to receive
But there she was in the arms of my wife
A source of pride for the rest of my life
You are grown now with girls of your own
I hope the past years to you have shown
That my love and pride for you has grown
Forever and always you will be
My 1st little girl

Down the block to School(1975)Church(2000)

Patricia went to school the other day
I kissed her and sent her on her way

In distance it isn't very far
By foot a few minutes, a few seconds by car

But that day she started a journey that will go on and on

Each lesson each day
Carries her further away

A baby no more Patricia has started
A baby no more Patricia has parted

Tears to my eye my heart heaves a sigh
My child is growing
I bid her goodbye

(2000)Across the street to Church

The journey continues with another short trip
not even a stroll more like a skip

To the alter I'll take her to give her away
To be happy forever dear GOD I do pray

As today she is
Mrs Michael Tolve

All the flowers that were
Or will be
Do not equal the beauty
Of thee


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  1. Lisa Ann TanturriJune 23, 2011 at 7:57 PM

    How beautiful... A fathers love is wonderfully depicted in your poetry!