Monday, June 27, 2011

RAA Writers Group and Musicians @ Peninsula Hospital Rehab Center

Sunday 26 June 2011 We presented a show of poetry,short stories,music and song to a group of 30 to 40 patients and their guests. I was priviledged to read two poems "Voices" and "True Thanks" The audiance and staff were very receptive to the entire show. I came away with a deeper understanding of audiance reaction and appreciation to a presentation. All were entertained and extended an invite for a return appearance. My Poems:

The urge arrives and there is no choice
You must obey this inner voice
The first is to leave the womb
The final to enter the tomb
What comes between is your call
To yourself be true stand tall

Life is not a constant pleasure
But is always a God given treasure
There will be moments of doubt
Problems puzzles to figure out
You must realize you are not alone
Your fate already carved in stone

The urge you feel and can’t deny
Is His guidance from on high
Live life overcome its trials
Love life enjoy its smiles

It comes from deep within
Not always at the end
Sometimes when we begin
Expressed in many a way
Not necessary for us to say

A big thumbs up A raised cup
A shy smile a broad grin
A simple nod or slap of skin
A wagging tail Will never fail

Your plight will never be so low
That true thanks you can notshow
Face each day as a precious gift
Your neighbor’s spirits try to lift
Do not let a day go bye
Without giving thanks on high

My sincere thanks to all who participated and viewed this show. Ed Broderick

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Guys

With the glow of Father'sDay still in my heart I went back and checked a few oldies. I have truly been blessed

1st Little Girl

My 1st little girl had a party today
To celebrate her birthday
Although its been many a year
I still remember it crystal clear
Such a beautiful gift I couldn’t believe
I’d ever deserve or live to receive
But there she was in the arms of my wife
A source of pride for the rest of my life
You are grown now with girls of your own
I hope the past years to you have shown
That my love and pride for you has grown
Forever and always you will be
My 1st little girl

Down the block to School(1975)Church(2000)

Patricia went to school the other day
I kissed her and sent her on her way

In distance it isn't very far
By foot a few minutes, a few seconds by car

But that day she started a journey that will go on and on

Each lesson each day
Carries her further away

A baby no more Patricia has started
A baby no more Patricia has parted

Tears to my eye my heart heaves a sigh
My child is growing
I bid her goodbye

(2000)Across the street to Church

The journey continues with another short trip
not even a stroll more like a skip

To the alter I'll take her to give her away
To be happy forever dear GOD I do pray

As today she is
Mrs Michael Tolve

All the flowers that were
Or will be
Do not equal the beauty
Of thee


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Wrote one yesterday received two today.  Enjoying the day at home with the kids droping in to wish me well. I am blessed to have such a loving family. First I wrote "DAD" Then my Kathaleen presented me with her "My Hero My Dad".The Tolves arrived and my Jessica handed me her Father's Day Card. What a day! I am pleased beyond words and the day is still young

Every day of my life my father was there
Reading the paper in his favorite chair
Never seen in the morning during the week
Gone to his job a living to seek

In the evening upon his return
All the kids heads to the front door would turn
To see him embrace and hug our mom
Gave us all a glimpse of his Gaelic charm

A gentle man to all that he knew
To his family and faith was unwaverly true
Too many times I have failed as a son
To show my gratitude he had lovingly won

No longer here to hear me say
To heaven I turn and softly pray
Dad I love you and I hope to be
As good a father as you were to me

June 2011

My Hero, My Dad

Of all the fathers on this place we call earth
I was blessed to be able to call you daddy at birth

You have always been my hero, a pillar of strength to us all
When I think back on the past, countless memories I recall

Like when I was young and on the beach we would walk
To Fitzgerald’s for a hot dog and a heart to heart talk

Telling me stories of your childhood and growing up in the Heights
Kissing booboos and calming my fears on cold stormy nights

Then later on as an adult when I needed guidance in life
I knew I could count on you in good times or strife

Every memory I have of you brings a smile to my face
When it comes to being a great dad, hands down you win the race

So thanks daddy for the woman you have helped me become
I am so grateful you’re my dad, without a doubt you’re number one

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Dear Poppop

Happy Father’s Day

Today is a special day
It is a day to say

Happy  Father’s  Day
The month it’s in is not May

But the month it’s in is June
A day for father appreciation to bloom

Love  Jess
Jessica Tolve


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Elizabeth's Pomp & Circumstance

If you haven't experienced it yet be prepared to in the future. To sit back and witness a grandchild receive a diploma is  truly a moving event. One that everyone should be blessed to have. Today I saw my first of what I hope will be many. God Speed
Pomp & Circumstance
The band played that tune
As familiar as our nightly moon
We stood waved and cheered
As the student body appeared
There!   There she is.
My beautiful Liz
Oh how proud I am to see
Her march on stage a face of glee
A smile I've enjoyed for many years
Warmed my heart and dried my tears
My Elizabeth received her degree today
3.5 GPA PhiThetaKappa she's on her way
To face a life of success and joy
In all she does in her employ
Know I am very proud you
May God Bless You in all you do
Love Poppop
Ed Broderick

Monday, June 13, 2011


This past Sunday at Mass a young father with his son sat in front of me. When it was time to wish each other peace I said to the man and the boy "God Bless You" and they said to me "Peace". After awhile I overheard the lad ask his dad "Why didn't that man wish us Peace and instead said God Bless You"? His dad said they would ask me. After mass had ended he inguired and I replyed I thought God would know better than I what it is that they needed. 
I  Wonder
What is it that we pray for
We wish each other to strive for
It seems never to be attained
Nor easily explained
I have lived a long life
And have always witnessed strife
Many words have been used
To keep us all confused
Our entire history
Is not a mystery
War has been forever
Peace has been never
By any other name
War my friend is still the same
Be it a Crusade for God above
Or a viscous show for satan below
It’s been with us since time began
I wonder if we take a stand
Can Peace befall our land
I wonder I wonder
Ed Broderick

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dead or Alive

Obama says so  and I wonder is it true. Do not trust him but when USN SEALs state mission completed I know the deed has been done. Thank God we still have patriotic men in this country. Seabees Can Do  SEALs Did Do


They say they got him not in a cave
Did him in then denied him a grave
The news came on all the channels
Created a circus minus the camels
Champagne spilled voices raised
Flag and country loudly praised
It must be true Obama  says so
He is the man running the show
I don’t know what to believe
He might have something up his sleeve
The “Enlistment line” did not increase
Folks must think we are at Peace
Dead or Alive
Alive      is       NOW
Dead   is  FOREVER
Ed Broderick

Friday, June 10, 2011

De Ja Vue

There are days when things seem strange to you. Places you are not familiar with but feel you've been to before. People you dont know but are not sure if you have met in the past. Mysterious feelings unanswered questions life can be complex at times.
De jaVue
So sure I am I know you well
Why then your name I can not tell
Your deep  soft eyes
I feel sure I recognize
Yet I wonder why I don’t recall
Just who you are after all
It seems I see you in a dream
Hidden by a cloud of steam
Now and then a lucky chance
I catch of you a quick glance
Yes its then I see your deep soft  eyes
Once again it is you I recognize
A new day is born at the crack of dawn
Another chance for us to dance
To hold you tight with all my might
Your face and kiss I truly miss
My darling in time you will be mine

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Living at the seaside is a unique experience. To awake each day and gaze upon the vastness and beauty of the ocean is only surpassed by the sky above it.  To witness both in the same instant is testament to the power and love of God. To hear the rythum of the waves upon the beach is to listen to a never ending prayer. Come visit enjoy you may never want to leave.


The day was snappy crispy clear
A steady breeze blew me here
Once again by the ocean’s edge
My mind recalls a long ago pledge
Made when I first saw this sight
Aware it was created by God’s might
A body of water as far as you see
Anything larger what could it be
My gaze traveled to the sky above
To witness a bigger sign of His love
Bigger than big in every direction
Another testament to His perfection
So I renew the promise made long ago
To honor His world as older I grow

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Monster Wave

Tis the season of gales and canes
Fierce winds and tropical rains
A time when most keep a wary eye
Upon the changes in the sky
While others gather at the ocean’s edge
Watch together and vow a pledge
To be afloat and ready to fly
When the monster wave they finally spy
I caught such a wave a while ago
Thought to the bay we would go
It was big the biggest I’ve seen
For real or in a dream
I never made the bay
But I had a perfect day
So to the ocean’s edge I will return
To peer deeply as the surf does churn
 It is there out upon the horizon
Another monster wave is arising

Monday, June 6, 2011

Surf's Up

Yes it's here and getting better with each moon and breeze. Time to get your boards out of storage wax them and head to the spot that you love.
Dream of that wave you know is out there and hope you're afloat when it comes. Safe Surfing!
Surfs Up!
Jump on the train marked “A”
Ride it to Rockaway
When you get here you can tell
That is the Ocean you smell
Just a short walk and you’re  at the edge
Your heart pounds like the beat of a sledge
Your step quickens and your wind gets short
Scope the scene till you spy the sport
All the lads are at Bell”s beach
Just a short distance to reach
Now you’re here and you can’t wait
Man these waves are looking great
Wax your board
Check your cord
Enter the water and head on out
Till you see the wave that’ll make you shout
Surfs Up and I am too
Going to hang this wave till it’s through
Then again and again all the day
I’ll fly the wind in Rockaway


Many many years ago I wrote this for a young girl who had lost her mother. R.I.P.

Little Angel

For Maud

Oh little one who guides me
The one I do not see
From where did you arrive
Is what I can't decide
On wings you must have came
Through storm and sleet and rain
As long as you are near
I know I'll never fear
And when I wake each day
To God I speak and say
I thank you for this angel and
I hope You'll let him stay

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beach Day

Greetings to ALL visitors  I  hope you enjoy my offerings.
Your opinion of my work will be helpful to me
 I extend an invitation to ALL to return often!

Beach Day
Blue skys up above.
Blue eyes full of love.
Skys of blue free of clouds
to the beach bring the crowds.
Days of warmth with breezes soft,
lure the gulls to soar aloft.
Freckled faces, rosy red
play in the sand till its time for bed.
Ocean waves rise and fall.
Surfers ride and have a ball.
A man or two with poles of glass,
stare at the ocean till the day does pass.
If one is lucky and lands a fish,
I'm sure he'll sigh and make a wish
For another great day!
in "ROCKAWAY" with
Blue skys up above
and freckled faces full of love.
Ed Broderick


Today   5 June 2011 Father James Dunne celebrates his Golden Jubilee as a RC Priest. We have been blessed to have him in our lives.
Well  Done

In the kingdoms of Heaven and Kerry
All the lads are  proud and merry

One of our own who answered the call
Stands before God humble yet tall

A man of the cloth and of the word
Father to those who listened and heard

Loved by all whose pains he has eased
His gentle smile leaves you pleased

Fifty years tending and keeping the faith
What better reason to celebrate

So to Father James M.Dunne

God Bless You Father
With Another FIFTY
 Broderick Family