Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Living at the seaside is a unique experience. To awake each day and gaze upon the vastness and beauty of the ocean is only surpassed by the sky above it.  To witness both in the same instant is testament to the power and love of God. To hear the rythum of the waves upon the beach is to listen to a never ending prayer. Come visit enjoy you may never want to leave.


The day was snappy crispy clear
A steady breeze blew me here
Once again by the ocean’s edge
My mind recalls a long ago pledge
Made when I first saw this sight
Aware it was created by God’s might
A body of water as far as you see
Anything larger what could it be
My gaze traveled to the sky above
To witness a bigger sign of His love
Bigger than big in every direction
Another testament to His perfection
So I renew the promise made long ago
To honor His world as older I grow

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