Saturday, February 18, 2012


Already? Time for another? Seems like it was just last year and this is a LeapYear!
Fat Tuesday
Get all your sinning done
Not really sin call it fun
Leave your morals at home and have a ball
No one cares  No not at all
The evil CEOs of late
Lounge about and await their fate
No one seems to have a worry
To a man they are not sorry
The president speaks and asks for a bill
That would keep them there in the till
The money to be used is yours and mine
And I do not wish to contribute a dime
These men just didn’t wake up one day
and think. There must be an easier way
Not petty crime  No that’s beneath them
Life savings and fortunes tempt em
Fat Tuesday sees a lot of sinning
Ash Wednesday sees some repenting
Thank God there is forgiveness
No matter how evil your business

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