Monday, June 13, 2011


This past Sunday at Mass a young father with his son sat in front of me. When it was time to wish each other peace I said to the man and the boy "God Bless You" and they said to me "Peace". After awhile I overheard the lad ask his dad "Why didn't that man wish us Peace and instead said God Bless You"? His dad said they would ask me. After mass had ended he inguired and I replyed I thought God would know better than I what it is that they needed. 
I  Wonder
What is it that we pray for
We wish each other to strive for
It seems never to be attained
Nor easily explained
I have lived a long life
And have always witnessed strife
Many words have been used
To keep us all confused
Our entire history
Is not a mystery
War has been forever
Peace has been never
By any other name
War my friend is still the same
Be it a Crusade for God above
Or a viscous show for satan below
It’s been with us since time began
I wonder if we take a stand
Can Peace befall our land
I wonder I wonder
Ed Broderick

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