Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dead or Alive

Obama says so  and I wonder is it true. Do not trust him but when USN SEALs state mission completed I know the deed has been done. Thank God we still have patriotic men in this country. Seabees Can Do  SEALs Did Do


They say they got him not in a cave
Did him in then denied him a grave
The news came on all the channels
Created a circus minus the camels
Champagne spilled voices raised
Flag and country loudly praised
It must be true Obama  says so
He is the man running the show
I don’t know what to believe
He might have something up his sleeve
The “Enlistment line” did not increase
Folks must think we are at Peace
Dead or Alive
Alive      is       NOW
Dead   is  FOREVER
Ed Broderick

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