Friday, June 10, 2011

De Ja Vue

There are days when things seem strange to you. Places you are not familiar with but feel you've been to before. People you dont know but are not sure if you have met in the past. Mysterious feelings unanswered questions life can be complex at times.
De jaVue
So sure I am I know you well
Why then your name I can not tell
Your deep  soft eyes
I feel sure I recognize
Yet I wonder why I don’t recall
Just who you are after all
It seems I see you in a dream
Hidden by a cloud of steam
Now and then a lucky chance
I catch of you a quick glance
Yes its then I see your deep soft  eyes
Once again it is you I recognize
A new day is born at the crack of dawn
Another chance for us to dance
To hold you tight with all my might
Your face and kiss I truly miss
My darling in time you will be mine

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