Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Wrote one yesterday received two today.  Enjoying the day at home with the kids droping in to wish me well. I am blessed to have such a loving family. First I wrote "DAD" Then my Kathaleen presented me with her "My Hero My Dad".The Tolves arrived and my Jessica handed me her Father's Day Card. What a day! I am pleased beyond words and the day is still young

Every day of my life my father was there
Reading the paper in his favorite chair
Never seen in the morning during the week
Gone to his job a living to seek

In the evening upon his return
All the kids heads to the front door would turn
To see him embrace and hug our mom
Gave us all a glimpse of his Gaelic charm

A gentle man to all that he knew
To his family and faith was unwaverly true
Too many times I have failed as a son
To show my gratitude he had lovingly won

No longer here to hear me say
To heaven I turn and softly pray
Dad I love you and I hope to be
As good a father as you were to me

June 2011

My Hero, My Dad

Of all the fathers on this place we call earth
I was blessed to be able to call you daddy at birth

You have always been my hero, a pillar of strength to us all
When I think back on the past, countless memories I recall

Like when I was young and on the beach we would walk
To Fitzgerald’s for a hot dog and a heart to heart talk

Telling me stories of your childhood and growing up in the Heights
Kissing booboos and calming my fears on cold stormy nights

Then later on as an adult when I needed guidance in life
I knew I could count on you in good times or strife

Every memory I have of you brings a smile to my face
When it comes to being a great dad, hands down you win the race

So thanks daddy for the woman you have helped me become
I am so grateful you’re my dad, without a doubt you’re number one

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Dear Poppop

Happy Father’s Day

Today is a special day
It is a day to say

Happy  Father’s  Day
The month it’s in is not May

But the month it’s in is June
A day for father appreciation to bloom

Love  Jess
Jessica Tolve


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