Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Elizabeth's Pomp & Circumstance

If you haven't experienced it yet be prepared to in the future. To sit back and witness a grandchild receive a diploma is  truly a moving event. One that everyone should be blessed to have. Today I saw my first of what I hope will be many. God Speed
Pomp & Circumstance
The band played that tune
As familiar as our nightly moon
We stood waved and cheered
As the student body appeared
There!   There she is.
My beautiful Liz
Oh how proud I am to see
Her march on stage a face of glee
A smile I've enjoyed for many years
Warmed my heart and dried my tears
My Elizabeth received her degree today
3.5 GPA PhiThetaKappa she's on her way
To face a life of success and joy
In all she does in her employ
Know I am very proud you
May God Bless You in all you do
Love Poppop
Ed Broderick

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