Monday, June 27, 2011

RAA Writers Group and Musicians @ Peninsula Hospital Rehab Center

Sunday 26 June 2011 We presented a show of poetry,short stories,music and song to a group of 30 to 40 patients and their guests. I was priviledged to read two poems "Voices" and "True Thanks" The audiance and staff were very receptive to the entire show. I came away with a deeper understanding of audiance reaction and appreciation to a presentation. All were entertained and extended an invite for a return appearance. My Poems:

The urge arrives and there is no choice
You must obey this inner voice
The first is to leave the womb
The final to enter the tomb
What comes between is your call
To yourself be true stand tall

Life is not a constant pleasure
But is always a God given treasure
There will be moments of doubt
Problems puzzles to figure out
You must realize you are not alone
Your fate already carved in stone

The urge you feel and can’t deny
Is His guidance from on high
Live life overcome its trials
Love life enjoy its smiles

It comes from deep within
Not always at the end
Sometimes when we begin
Expressed in many a way
Not necessary for us to say

A big thumbs up A raised cup
A shy smile a broad grin
A simple nod or slap of skin
A wagging tail Will never fail

Your plight will never be so low
That true thanks you can notshow
Face each day as a precious gift
Your neighbor’s spirits try to lift
Do not let a day go bye
Without giving thanks on high

My sincere thanks to all who participated and viewed this show. Ed Broderick

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  1. It really was a nice presentation. The audience gave good positvie energy and the group is always so supportive of one another.