Monday, June 6, 2011

Surf's Up

Yes it's here and getting better with each moon and breeze. Time to get your boards out of storage wax them and head to the spot that you love.
Dream of that wave you know is out there and hope you're afloat when it comes. Safe Surfing!
Surfs Up!
Jump on the train marked “A”
Ride it to Rockaway
When you get here you can tell
That is the Ocean you smell
Just a short walk and you’re  at the edge
Your heart pounds like the beat of a sledge
Your step quickens and your wind gets short
Scope the scene till you spy the sport
All the lads are at Bell”s beach
Just a short distance to reach
Now you’re here and you can’t wait
Man these waves are looking great
Wax your board
Check your cord
Enter the water and head on out
Till you see the wave that’ll make you shout
Surfs Up and I am too
Going to hang this wave till it’s through
Then again and again all the day
I’ll fly the wind in Rockaway

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