Sunday, October 9, 2011

BIG BUCK Little Doe

 Two outs game almost over
Get the win you get the clover
Grown men play sports and reap fame
Lads dream to be tops in the game
Only a few excel to such heights
Most must settle for dream filled nights
While the pros sock it away
Wannabees long for their day

A huge group of others
Sisters and brothers
Toss and turn in their sleep
Go to bed with little to eat
These are the poor who have no dough
What to feed the family they do not know
Some are without sandal or robe
While relief is sent all over the globe

In nature the Buck takes care of the doe
Together watch the fawns age and grow
Wild life many times can be cruel
The strong over the weak rule
Men and women are above the beast
The rich share with those with the least
Every child should be able to sleep
Going to bed after enough to eat
Able to dream dreams of a king
Or of an eagle on the wing
Spying a Big Buck with a Little Doe

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