Thursday, December 8, 2011

R.I.P. Brian Broderick


Clear days with no ocean haze
I sit and at the horizon gaze
Far beyond the growing surf
Almost to our forefather’s turf
Tis then I see  as in a dream
All perfect pure and clean
Memories of long ago years
Full of joy and minus  fears

Of home where I rested my head
Said grace and broke bread
We were a group like no other
The Captain being the kid brother
Dubbed this rank by our dad
Always happy seldom sad
He was Captain to pals and kin
Charmed all with his boyish grin

Taken early to his final reward
Surely promoted by our Lord
To a rank I salute with deep pride
My love my tears I dare not hide
Once again I peer over the blue
To a time so pure and true
When we had the kid brother
A Captain like no other.

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